The Horse and the Bull in Prehistory and in History


Coordination: Fernando Augusto Coimbra

ISBN  978-88-98130-67-2

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The present book of Proceedings of the First Internactional Congress “The Horse and the Bull in Prehistory and in History”, carried out in Chamusca and Golegã (Oortugal) in 2013, is a volume composed by 31 papers, resulting from the work of 47 researchers from six countries. Biology, the role in the cultures and the use of bulls and horses by humans are explained from different point of view: Evolution and Paleontology, the Horse in Prehistory and Protohistory, the Horse and the Bull in Preclassical Civilizations, the Horse in Middle Ageand Moder Period, Horse and Bull in the Contemporary Period, Mythology and Symbolism of Horse and Bull.

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Fernando Augusto Coimbra

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